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Re: I really think I am done this time...

Originally Posted by tattoodgirly View Post
No, I have told him I am done and that I am working on a way to leave. He just must not take that as a serious "threat". I guess I would like to have a little sex before it is over, because I plan on teaching English abroad for a year and it will be my Eat, Pray, Love moment and I plan to not date at all.

I have been going to counseling for 4 weeks now. So far I have spent $136 on that venture and I can see my money dwindling before my eyes...

*looks at my first post in this thread*

uh huh

I understand that I could be dead wrong here. But I just get the feeling that a good part of why this relationship is failing is because it was not nurtured with the REALLY GOOD stuff. Dude knows you want sex! He knows even as things aren't right between the two of you that YOU WANT SEX! My goodness! Do you not see a problem with this line of THINKING? Sex is not a cure, tgirly! Again, I'd warn that it is detrimental when so much priority is given to it. And I hate to say it but it sounds more like it is YOU that is sex crazed than he. I don't know this guy but knowing ME, if my lady made me feel at ALL that all there was to us was sex, I'd lose interest too! Since I've known her, the thing that makes me want to go through fire to the moon with her is our way of bouncing the uplifting and inspirational waves off each other as we work to improve our lives. That is the root of us. That is our core. If we ever lose sight of this, especially courtesy of a freaking sex drive, WE WILL FAIL!

You must focus on something greater if you are to mend this relationship OR if you are to be successful in your next. You want the everlasting, so avoid promoting the very things that FLINGS are made of!