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Unhappy Right Eye mystifying vision issues

Hello, my name is Michael and I am 22 with glaucoma and poor eyesight (nearsighted).

My glaucoma is under control but I've had an issue with my right eye for a year of which my current eye doc can't (or maybe hasn't tried hard enough) to diagnose or fix. I was able to ignore it but lately it's gotten worse as well as a new issue with my left.

Basically my contact lense in my right eye started not working properly. It was constantly clouding over and blurring up and becoming extremely dry and sticky on my eye if I stared at anything longer than a minute, like a tv. The dryness and stickiness is occasional, but the cloudiness and blurred vision is constant. It would happen even with a fresh brand new pair of contacts within seconds of putting it in. My left never has had this issue. I used to not worry about it too much because I had glasses to change into in the evenings and my vision was fine then.

Since then my glasses broke. When I went to get new ones my usual doc was away so I went to another optometrist for a second opinion and to get my eyes retested from scratch. The gentleman told me after the test that he could not get any more specific and did "overkill" on me. He also reckons the reason for the issue in my right contact was due to poor measurements in the size of my contact so he ordered in a new size and brand.

It's been a week and my right contact does the exact same thing. Also now I notice my vision in general to seem to be a bit more blurred than usual. My left seems to be straining and refocusing on something in the distance to say my phone is borderline painful in the way my vision feels as if it's struggling to refocus. My distance vision seems slightly warped and blurred and not nearly as crisp. My glasses aren't nearly as bad but I notice my right eye isn't as clear as my left now even with the glasses and once again my vision in general just not as crisp as it once was. I definitively remember my previous pair of of glasses was better.

I see my normal optometrist next week and hope he can shed light on this. What concerns me is how sure my recent visit was about my prescripotion yet it feels anything but perfect to me. It's been causing me eyestrain anxiety and headaches and hope for some insight.

Is my prescription off? have I developed an eye disorder? Is it simply a matter of fine tuning my prescription? And if anyOne can shed light on the right contact issue I'd be greatly appreciative as it mystifies me. If they can a least get my prescription right I'm debating LASIK.

Thanks, Michael

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