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Help please!!!!!!!!!

Hi my husband who is 29 was recently diagnosed with ms. I am so scared! His symptoms are balance and left leg weakness. They started in may was treated with steroids and put on copaxone. He is now in the hospital again for a relapse 5 months after diagnosed. Im so scared and angry and feel like im going to lose it! His symptoms aren't as bad as last time. He's been on copaxine for month and a half. All I keep reading is hes male and his balance and leg weakness are considered a sign his Ms is worse than a female with numbness or tingling. Is this true?? No one understands how I feel! I either get told you can't change it such it up and live your life or wow that's so sad im sorry to hear! It honestly freaks me out even more! He lost his job and being in the hospital he's starTing to have a breakdown. Please scared and have no one!!! Hes always been fit and active and I just don't know where this leaves us! He had relapse remitting. If he is having a attack already does he have a more severe case? I know it takes 6/9 months for copaxone to work. PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIND MY MIND AND COMFORT ME????????

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