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Smile Re: Acid reflux or something else?

Hi Glove, in my case, the Tests were to ultra sound scan the entire abdomen except for the appendix ;-) This was to see whether there's sand / stones anywhere which may contribute to the pains / condition. I also had terrible pain (still have sometimes) on the lowest set of ribs which is most cartilage. They wanted to make sure it was the ribs and not the liver on the right side. Again, scan showed nothing so it was decided to be inflammation of the ribs due to the acidity levels. They wanted to run some blood work too. Liver function, full blood report, serum tests. There were changes noted on some of the liver enzymes and the white blood cell count (indicating there's an infection somewhere which is either being fought or finished fighting). This was expected because I had a viral flu prior to getting the gastritis / ibs. Then, since I had breathing issues, rapid heart rate, sweating they wanted to check my heart. Did an ECO and an ECG too therefore; again clear. Then after accompanying these with a physical examination (pressing the stomach here and there, checking the throat which was near blood red, eyes....) the doctor gave me the meds and to resolve the ribs issue he sent me to physio therapy.

I am on PPIs at the moment and trying to tail them off now that my symptoms have more or less settled. Having a hard time at that even at 7 weeks because the body is somewhat dependent on the PPIs (addictive...).

Two weeks after starting the medication the doctor wanted me to go for an endoscopy. For the fear of this test I postponed it and still haven't had it (I don't think I will risk it...some testers here are too rough and they might end up causing more damage than good). This may never be the case for you because where I am, hospitals are businesses as majority of people would agree. This is typically how doctors work in such environments. They run every possible test even if you are not showing symptoms of say for example ulcers. They name people to whom you should go to get the scans done so my suspicion is that this is a money making spree....maybe I'm wrong but it is so very suspicious! They charge per scan so if you want to, you can make money yourself while making your medically qualified friends rich too. The system apparently has developed that way. Anyway....all the above scans / reports were taken.

Yes I had alternating diarrhea and normal stools. It seemed to depend on what I ate but then again that too was hard to understand at times. Usually the morning bowel movement is the most normal. As the day progressed it worsened and ended up in diarrhea. Then that was on some occasions. Other days you'd have diarrhea once and then it'll again settle only to return to diarrhea after another day. The best I could figure was that this was part of IBS. Re hydration salts helped me. Apparently not only do they rid you of possible dehydration but also they act towards minimizing damage to the stomach wall. Also, honey helped me with the reflux. Soothes the throat.

I was asked to stop ALL dairy, ALL wheat, ALL fatty foods, ALL pulses. So, my diet was severely restricted from the start. I still had severe diarrhea even with all this restriction. Personally, I don't think this kind of "eliminate almost everything" was necessary but over here, to try and get an allergy test done it takes weeks. Some tests are not even available to the best of my knowledge. So, that might be why they take the approach of 'cut everything out'. It was really hard since I was already struggling for energy. A poor diet meant my healing process itself could get delayed. Hardly anything was absorbed by the body due to diarrhea and cutting down on even what COULD have been absorbed was only worsening the situation...etc. But doctor's advice so I painstakingly stuck with it. :-(

Hope this helps. Let us know how you are today.

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