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Re: Help please!!!!!!!!!

I want to pray for you and your husband.

One thing I know about ms is that every case is very different. So be careful doing too much comparison. How it comes and goes or acts isn't the same. If he has relapsing remitting--and has copaxone on the way to his aid--that's a great start. Lots of folks have another attack before the meds kick in. You are right that the 6 month mark is more magical than others but charts show assistance coming from the meds sooner...even at 2-3 months...but 6+ gets it in the zone.

There are ways to try to fight back. Some are different diet plans...allergy related...and available in books like the Swank Diet. The Best Bet Diet takes it a step further and eliminates allergen foods--gluten/wheat, milk, etc. this foods that most people show allergies to. There are people whom this diet worked wonders for. No guarantees but its just I'm trying it. I've had good results right now...but it's only been a short term change. Could be the disease remitting right now. It's worth it to me to fight back and take matters into my own hands in that regard.

I'm taking lots of vitamins, omega 3 oils, b12, d...things I'm low you can check that route as well...what are his levels.

Don't read too much into the outlook of other folks and their results. This thing is tough. Your emotions are on target for what you are going through.

I wish I could give you an actual hug. I know it's scary. It's crazy.

For some additional's not a diagnosis of terminal cancer or a car wreck that ends things suddenly. I had a friend whose mom had stage 4 cancer--was getting ready to fight it and died that week. So I'm taking the life is short for lots of folks approach. I have a chance to love those I love...choose what's important...and keep things in perspective.

I hope this gives you some hope and helps in a small way...or a larger one.

You are not alone...and there are things I think you can do to help!!!


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