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Re: coughing up phlegm

Danny, do you get headaches too or 'heaviness' in the head? You seem to have nose congestion or did I get that wrong..? It might be acid. During my days of having acid reflux / ibs I had the symptoms you've described AND a cough but that cough was dry at first which eventually led to the phlem issue. Mine was milder than yours though so I was not coughing up the stuff.

There is another possibility that may be going parallel to this. If the head is 'heavy' it can also be a case of excessive phlem build up. Allergies are also possible.... maybe due to some foods you are eating (any changes in diet?), some external allergy (changed pillows / mattress recently?), seasonal allergies can also be part of it...could be a number of factors. If you had a cold / flu a while back, sometimes with time the system clears itself off of excess mucus. It can be that too then the reason behind coughing up phlem.

Usually (unless allergies or reflux) this goes away by itself after getting rid of what ever it wanted. Personally I found inhaling steam, drinking hot water helpful but if it is a acid reflux issue then taking in hot beverages might not be the best. I often found raising my head (upper body) while sleeping to be helpful. If you can raise the upper part of the mattress by putting something underneath it, try it. Also, throat gargles such as "candid mouth paint" helped clear the throat just before sleeping. It is a mouth paint but an ENT prescribed it to 'wash' the throat with water in it....that helped.

Just some thoughts for you to see if anything can be related to...Something else, taking honey REDUCES phlem. But to see results you need to take it long term (like at least 3 weeks). Try it, it is worth it...about 4 full tablespoons of honey per day. Take it during different times of the day like one spoon in the morning, next afternoon...etc. It worked for me. Closer to the time the phlem is about to go under control, you might feel a slight 'increase' in symptom. But this is a sign that you'll be better within days. I tried it and it worked. Now I'm off of the nose drops I had to take during my IBS. Please DO NOT take honey if you have asthma.

Wishing you well...

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