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Unhappy Bad breath... why me?

Hello Everyone,

Yes, you are right. I am one of the few people had struggling for this bb. I don't know when, where, or how it was started. I know, i had it for a long time like 12 years i guess. I always have that chewing gum in my pocket every time i want to talk to someone, big help covering the odor in a few moments. I think it's not that really bad, cause i can still talk to someone but not really close to them, they will obviously smell it. So, i did tried all i know the remedies to cure it. I think it's not my teeth or cavities that has caused it. It's either from my tonsil or stomach. But I don't feel any wrong with my tonsil or stomach at all. My mother said i don't have bb, i cannot smell it either. i dont understand. But i believed 70% of people when i first talk to them they smell it, i know cuz they immediately move away a little bit, cover their mouth & nose when they have to talk, used hand fan to blew away the odor. My self-confidence has gone now, made me bothers a lot to the point i couldn't think good enough. It was so disgusting especially when you are in the job interview with the manager. lol.
I used to be funny and so friendly all the time. Everything has changed in my life. I was crying sometimes, i don't know what to do or how to get rid of it. I read some article it said that bb are not curable, but you can prevent it. Thankful i found this site. Sharing information together and feel comfortable to say because you understand the feeling of each other. I guess you have cross in your mind also to ask yourself why me? cuz i did many times.
Did anybody know what's the cause of BB.... i was the only one have this in my family, my teeth is clean, i don't see any problem in allergy reaction either. Anyway after reading some article posted here, i have decided to schedule for ENT, let them check anyway.

Thanks everyone... please are free to share the info you know. thank you!

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