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Re: Help please!!!!!!!!!


let not your heart be troubled nor your anger burden you. MS is not fatal. I just had my 35th anniversary with the disease and I can tell you that each day can be a blessing whether the day is good or bad.

Would I rather be healthy? Sure. No one wants MS, BUT MS does not end our lives. I went on to marry, have two sons who are healthy and 22 years and 13 years old and both are in college. MS may limit our physical abilities or it may not. No two MSers have the same problems though the similarities might exist.

It is important that you show NO PITY. He has lost his job, but this does not have to be the end. After 20 years I finally had to take disability. You might need to do the same. You need to be strong and calm- you need to be an anchor.

Your fear and anxiety can affect him and worsen his condition or cause a relapse or new symptoms to present.

You might look at SSDI or you might look at job re-training. Her in Kansas the Social Rehabilitation Services will pay for an education at the university, your living costs, and help place you in a job. You might consider this and see what is available there.

Life with MS is not easy. As to those who progress to a progressive MS or are progressive, the statistics are against males. I have been progressive since I was at least 14 years old. Now, at 49, I count my daily blessings and live one day at a time.

The husband you knew before the diagnosis is still the same guy. You should not change anything. He may need to learn to delegate some chores to others. I would encourage him to visit this board as well as looking at a local support group. If you have a church or synagogue, seek some spiritual and moral support.

Please do not make MS a bigger issue than it is. If you allow MS to dictate your life, the joy and blessings are harder to find.

I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Please know that you have a long life ahead of you and neither you nor your husband is alone.
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