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Re: Dull, throbbing, uncomfortable sensation on left side of head

Hello, First to start off i am not a doctor but i work for an ophthalmologist... HEre is what i think... Being on a computer alot can cause irritation as your cornea becomes dry.. If you do have this symptom, you can put artificial tears in your eye to soothe it. Do not use Visine as where i work they REALLY do not like it.. don't know why but they don't. So, i would suggest Refresh Tears by Bausch & Laumb, or Systane Balance, They also come preservative free. Some patients react to the preservatives in the product... If you see that your eye is worst after a while when you put the drop in, then change to a preservative free one. Also, if you keep the drops in the fridge, it provides a cooling feeling and i feel it is better... They provide a more natural tear... Using this will not affect your eye in any way... ALso, I think that maybe you should see an Optometrist to get a complete eye exam... THis includes, IOP check (intra ocular pressure) this can cause headaches if pressure is high, vision check, retinal exam, macula etc.... It is one thing you can check into... ALso, to take a break from the computer is good too. Like i said, i am not a doctor but i think maybe this would be a good thing to do.. it can't hurt right.

ANyway, hope this helps somewhat.