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Re: Gall Bladder ( laporoscopic) removed Sept 28 2012

Originally Posted by DakotaDreatime View Post
i am 49 yrs and after months of discomfort

day five: I have woken feeling not too bad. Had a piece of toast and now trying some tea. A little scared to eat anything to be truthful.

i hope this is helpful in some way to others. i have read other peoples posts and other forums and it seems to me we are all different and there is no norm for this procedures recovery. i wish every one well and best wishes for good health.....
Wishing you a speedy and successful recovery. You were so kind to post your adventure.

I'm five weeks out of my surgery and the advice about what to eat and what not has been very helpful. Wish I had more instruction from my health care professionals.

I agree with the poster above me. The ice cream and full fat milk products, or anything full fat, even my favorite go-to peanut butter, can be an adventure in pain right after surgery.

Do your best to avoid food with fat for a week or three. If you treat your tummy and liver like you would a baby who's progressing from milk and rice to solid foods, and eat very small meals, it makes the recovery process that much more enjoyable.

Applesauce, rice, toast, and bananas can be wonderful go to foods.

Stay hydrated and avoid caffeine.

Take care.