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Re: Has anyone tried "Flower of essence -Dandelion for Menopause?

I know I am the only one that is posting all the time on this but this will be my last on this subject and thread.

Okay after I received my new Magnesium supplement in the mail. I then opened it after I have my Protein shake I cut the large pills into halfs. I took a half and then another half about an hour or two later. Then did that 1 more time until I have taken 2 whole magnesium pills that equal 200 mg of magnesium. The daily dose is 320 for a woman my age. 43 and so I am waiting until about either 12 am or 3 am not sure before I take the next 200. Reason for takening the whole second dose is cause the Dandelion might have reduced the magnesium in my body and caused the serious rapid heart beats this morning. I am almost (not for sure it was) the banana that caused the rapid heart beat. Cause after I tried to throw it back up I went back to a better heart rate. It also caused my blood sugar to drop as well cause when I ate I felt better. Still shook like a leaf on a tree but much better and was able to sleep.

Anyways back to the Magnesium. I took the Chelated version not buffered and is doing well on me. I do sweat bad now on my hands and tummy is still sensitive . I get a pinch in my sternum and my tummy feels a little shaky. But heart seems to be staying level and also I feel much calmer. Just keep getting that acid feeling. Not as bad though. ^.^ yays
I just wonder if the magnesium should have been more seeing how I might have depleted from the diuretic (Flower essence of Dandelion). I just hope I don't have what happened last night to EVER happen again. It was that strong of a beat so hard and soooo fast. over 100 a min. Son wouldn't call an EMT so I suffered. Just wondering if there is something else I should take as well. I am drinking lots of water like I should with the magnesium. I think that could be why I am peeing a lot more than I did on the diuretic. I did poo at least 1 or 2 times in that day while on the diuretic. But hardly peed. :/ So guess it didnt work like I thought it would. If you can help me on this and let me know how long it takes to be totally out of my system even though I didnt take much of it and not for but maybe 3 days worth. Just Hope and pray I am ok and didn't screw myself up by doing that stuff. Have a bless day ya'll