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I have made great strides with my bs by Metformin 500mg, diet and exercise in just 10 days.

My bs levels have droped by almost 50% my highest am reading was 237 and my lowest was 139. My second of the day (2 hours after my mid day meal) started at 198 and is down to 87 today. That was after a 2 mile walk.

My question is how many carbs a day do you eat? The dietitian has me on a total of 105 grams of carbs a day. 30 for each meal and 15 for my snack. But no carbs wit my evening meal. That means I really only get 75 grams a day. And I am supposed to use them all. I have not met the 105 yet. I have not anything white except a couple of vegetables in 10 days.

I am totally confused. Should I be eating more carbs? My average is only 55 a day.


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