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Re: Bad breath... why me?

Hi UnhappyOne, The bad breath issue has bothered my husband quite a lot. You are right, it is not the teeth, brushing either. It is either the tonsils (throat) or the stomach and in our experience mainly the STOMACH. He too didn't feel anything was wrong with the tummy, just like how you've described. Try this if you are NOT allergic. Sesame seeds (just raw seeds) you can get from the health food store. After you brush your teeth, munch on a tea spoon full of sesame seeds and swallow it down. Don't wash your mouth afterwards. Just to go sleep while the last thing you munched and swallowed down remains to be sesame seeds. You might worry about the teeth and what may happen but these do not seem to cause teeth issues. The sesame seeds helps control the bad saliva that we swallow in our sleep which contribute to the bad breath. Also, if you haven't tried, limit the onion and garlic intake. Drinking milk a lot and not brushing afterwards also causes bad breath. Drink lots of water and sip water frequently. Also, munching on a few seeds of Cumin helps with the breath.

Let us know how it goes. Wish you luck...