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Re: For those that have successfully gotten off ppi's and had rebound

Hi Scot, I am a ibs/gastritis sufferer. I too wish I could answer as someone who has got off ppi's completely but I'm still tailing it off. I will however tell you what went 'right' for me so far. I was put on 80mg Nexium (Nexpro brand) and no the 7th week though my initial symptoms were so very severe (including even heart rate changes, breathing difficulties, pains, nausea, severe diarrhea, bloating, gas, acid reflux, headaches, chest aches, sore throats....all of it!), the stomach actually settled down. It might be my diet because the doctor thought I needed meds for like 14 weeks instead. This was just half way when only bloating was what was left. I started tailing off the Nexium 1 week ago. Now, it might be different for me because I've only been on it 7 weeks unlike your case which is a lot longer. But nevertheless, when I went from 80 mg to 60 mg nothing happened much apart from a chest pain or two. I reduced further after 2 days (this was too soon I found out later!!!). Went from 60 mg down to 40 mg and boooooom! I started having chest pains. BAD ones until ever before. Bloating was severe again more than I ever had. Diarrhea. Nausea. Burning in the stomach. Cramping pains. Mild breathlessness. I hung on and started on a antiacid (Tums). When ever I get that 'my stomach is emptying' feeling, I read this as a 'acid is building' sign and take tums. It worked. Second day my symptoms lessened. Yesterday even less. Today no episode still. This is a week's progress that I'm describing to you.

My diet has been rice (well boiled), vegetables cooked in coconut milk, honey with popped rice in between meals (this absorbs acids but please don't take honey if you have asthma), re-hydration salts (these minimize the damage to the stomach lining) and bananas in between meals. This has helped me. Coconut milk 'cools' the stomach and neutralizes the acidity. If you like Thai food (without all the hot spices), you'll be a fan of this :-) If you can, you might want to try this one. Boil a handful of rice with more water than needed to the point the water turns slightly whitish. If you keep adding water and allowing it to boil (say over 1/2 hr to 45 mins) this will happen. Add to this a thick spoon of coconut milk and stir very well. Add salt to taste and once cooled down, add enough water to control the thickness to a drinkable level and blender it. Drink is tasty and it calms down the stomach a whole lot. Please don't take it on an empty stomach. It is TOO cooling which might aggravate phlem. I know of people who survived on this when they've had bad acidity issues. I'm living on it as well and it works really well.

I do feel for you with these meds...I've too had a glimpse of what they can do to a person when they try to withdraw. Lets hope for the best and good luck to you......Let us know how you get on.