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Re: Abormal Pap - Cervical Cancer?

Originally Posted by KittyKattie View Post
I had that at about your age. Turned out just to be abnormal cells and I needed a LEEP procedure to remove them. My Pap results were Class 3, not sure if they are done the same way in the UK though. I was worried about cancer also but my doc reassured me that the chances of that were very unlikely at my age. Just wanted to tell you my situation in hopes of easing your worries!
Thankyou for your reply!

It's strange to think that women all over the world worry about it. My letter said I had borderline changes. So I have no idea what that means. I went to the drs and basically told them that I was terrified I had cancer. They said I hadn't and my mind still isn't at ease!! I'm not sleeping at all and its taking up most of my time thinking about it.. xxxxxxx