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Re: Hypothyroid medication help

Originally Posted by lisa789 View Post
Welcome to the board although I'm sorry for the reason you're here.

Unfortunately I have no knowledge whether some and which T3 medication would be available in Australia. ^Hope others can help in that regard.

Was your FT4 tested? I only see TSH and FT3 mentioned. that beign said, although within ranges your TSH is still high so did your doctor suggested a dosage increase? Since you need an increase and although FT4 would give more information in that regard it's possible that increase would bring both your levels (FT4 and FT3) up.

With those levels it's quite normal you're not feelign well.

hang in there

Thank you for responding. My free T4 was last checked at 14.5 ( range 10 - 23) My doctor/specialist did not suggest and further changes to my medication. So I'm still on 50mg even though my TSH is higher than normal.