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Thin/flat stool, black bits in stools, black water with the stool, etc

Yo i'm 17 years old male that is severely worried about cancer. So far ive been experiencing many symptons of it and it troubles me, im also terribly hypochondric and my moms a schitszhohrenic.

Thorough the summer, ive been experiencing feeling that bowel doesnt empty well enough when taking the dump.

now just like 1 month ago , i had terrible stomach pain for like 5-10 mins, and during 4 days after that i had waves of pain every hour or something, the pain lasted like 5 sec. Then the pain went away, but during i got anxious and started googling, payed attention to my stool being thin, and that time i started experience pressure in my rectum, constant pressure to this day almost, not usually at morning, starts after taking dumb. now for like month ive been also experiencing alot gas, many times it feels the gas moves really slow in the intestines and i need to push it out. Everytime i have bowel movement it is thin or flat, floating, or small pieces, has black bits in it and black water surrounds the stool, the stool itself is normal brown color. only few days during this month ive had full banana size normal looking stool, but usually after that i get those usual ones again :L

Could this be cancer? ive scheduled a doctor for next week, but i cant help myself worrying, im super anxious of death. Can any1 state any other possible causes for all this just for that id feel better?

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