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Re: Bad breath... why me?

Hi harry2k, Husband has been trying this for a few weeks now (some days he forgets but usually quite good at keeping up). It has let me put it as a percentage, say reduced bad breath by 75% of the time. The rest is manageable with mouthwash or brushing. Maybe using sesame in time may resolve the bad breath further, we are yet to see because he is also still using this. If he doesn't drink enough water then bad breath tends to come up a bit and also if he doesn't eat on time. So, overall with sesame seeds, there is quite a significant improvement. This improvement was not achievable with mouthwashes or changing the types of toothpaste. Something else, the "Candid Mouth Paint" that is available in the pharmacy is used for gargling the throat sometimes. This too may help out if used at night. I don't know whether this is a prescription drug where you are. About 10 drops in 30 ml water, mix it up and wash the throat before sleeping. Quick and simple and it may also help. Good luck and let us know whether the seeds did the trick :-)

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