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Re: I messed up and not sure what to do?

Hi there...

Sorry to hear of your situation but I have to agree with Luv...It's surprising they didn't dismiss you earlier from the Dr.s office because they things you mentioned were not actual ER issues to need immediate care.

To say that you needed to go to and Urgent Care because you were embarassed to go to your female PCP just doesn't make much sense. There are females at Urgent Cares as well. So that alone was going to look suspicious.

And then the other times not calling your Dr. and just making an appt. with them about the pain going around town to different Urgent Cares certainly is going to look fishy.

And this on top of all the medication that has been "lost" and "stolen" previously.....Do you have police records on all of those..especially the robbery of your safe? That is the only way a Dr. will accept that particular story is if you followed through and immediately called the police.

So..that being said. You may not have any choice in the matter here as now this is all on your medical records so there probably won't be many Drs. willing to prescribe anymore opiate pain medication.

A methadone clinic is for registered addicts where you have to go there every single morning, 7 days a week if I'm not mistaken, to pick up your dose of Methadone.'s really figuring out and being honest about some things here to help you figure out, with a DR. whether you are truly addicted or not to opiates.

Have you had trouble with any addiction previously? As in smoked anything or any other pills? **You don't have to answer here if you don't want to...just to answer yourself or with your Dr.

And when you were on all these opiate prescriptions from your Dr. and Urgent Care. Did you take them absolutely as prescribed and on schedule. As in did you ever take one or more than what was on the bottle?

The other issue about pain is that with Neuropathy....opiates really don't do much for that type of pain anyway....And if the Neurontin isn't doing much for you...there is Lyrica or Cymbalt to try.

As well as many other modalities to help with one's pain but I only see you mention medication. If someone only reaches for a pill to take the pain away....then that is where problems can begin.

There are choices if you find that you truly do have an addiction problem and need pain management. There are specific types of meds that those who have these issues can take that don't hit the same receptors in the brain. But it also needs to be paired with you being 100% honest with yourself and the Dr. and getting help with the emotional side of addiction if this is the case.

I do wish you luck and hope you keep us posted..