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Re: I'm 29 and I am having trouble with ED

I thought I was reading a post I had written. I have and have had the same problem my entire life. I am 49 now and started taking Viagra at age 33. I helped for years but now if is only helping a little. I went to the Dr and got a Trimix injection. Very expensive, $1500.00 and it is about 30 injections. I have used it with some sucess but it now seems to be fading. Maybe the drug is getting old but it does let me have sex. I love it. And as for the needle, I was freaked out about it the first time but after I did it I never felt a thing. Use and auto injector. I must say it took me 30 minutes the first time to push the button, but I never felt a thing so this is the way to go for me now. I just want to have sex with my wife again. Good Luck to you.