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Re: Full Supraspinatus Tendon Tear Help

unfortunetly a full supra tear can ONLY be fixed surgically. she will have to have that particular tendon reattached by a good ortho surgeon. i had the very same tendon just snap on me out of the blue one day while simply attempting to lift my purse up from on top of my stupid refrigerator. i felt kind of what felt like a "pull' along with sudden loss of that ROM too. my hand just opened up and i HAD to drop the purse.

once she sees an actual orthosurgeon for the full eval, he or she will also run that whole rotator thru the many many different ROMS it just has to 'do" the many many different things it does for us, like daily(the supra seriously is the most used and abused shoulder tendon we have). i knew when my primary ran me thru the ROMS that things were bad since the pain, only when moving that shoulder in certain ways was horrid, or i could just NOT do certain ones. that primary eval was followed with the MRI just to see how bad things actually were. and not only had my supra snapped and retracted, but the tendon directly underneath that one also had started to tear as well just due to haveing to take over some of the duties of the tearing supra(compensation). but simply seeing any ortho would most certainly be able to tell her level of ROM loss. i personally had to have both tendons reattached/sewen back together. the lower one would have continued over time to also keep tearing a little bit at a time and would have eventually also snapped given the right circumstances, so we had it all done, among a few other issues that were also found upon MRI all fixed in my R rotator.

one thing i am wondering is you actually did manage to tear YOUR supra, did they follow up with an MRI just to see how things were after the PT and slinging you mentioned? i am only asking since as i mentioned above, that supra seriously IS used over and over and over agin in just about anything we just 'do' that requires even raising our arms(or pretty much all real 'movements') as well. i am just simply wondering if this DID actually somehow heal or is still torn, but the PT helped to bulid up muscle so it is not as noticable? the thing about tendons is with just about any types of tearing going on, in almost every case, it is ususally impossible for 'it(esp that almost constantly used supra) to reattach itself even with good immobilization with that sling? tendons really do not have a rally great level of blood supply either which would also slow any real 'healing,as in actual reattachment goes? if you have not had tyhat follow up MRI, now is the time to find out for certain since from what you stated, it appears that NO actual even arthoscopic surgery TO reatach that tendon was even done on you? or DID you have at least 'some' type of surgical fix? you just really DO always need to know what your either post op staus is, or with only slinging and PT done over time, it really DOES up that need to know just how things are in there for you at this point.

do you happen to have a copy, or your GF have a copy of that MRI that was done? if not, always obtain all copies of any types of tests and esp scans that ever get done on you or her. these ARE availiable with no probl;ems once you fill out a release of information from either the ordering doc or even faster is going directly to the facility that did the testing/MRI. this way you will always have your very own copies of very important info. i keep all my important medical testing and info(22 MRIs alone now) in a folder so i do not lose this stuff.

but if she has one, if you could type out what is on that very last page as in the 'conclusion/summary' part where the interpretting radiologist simply places all pertinent findings, it would help me to help you both in a much more well informed way.

but i really cannot see any other possible way for your GF to have THAT tendon repaired without an actual surgery that sews it all back together. not with any type of actual full tear. but she does need to get an appt with a good ortho who actually specializes in doing the rotator cuff repair surgeries. not all orthos simply 'do' every type of surgery out there. they do tend to specialize in certain types of surgerys. you simply WANT and need an ortho who has ALOT of overall experience vs one that does not,ya know? i wish her lots of luck with this. it is not an 'easy' suregery to recover from and absolutely DOES require full PT about around six weeks or so post op. but they DO have other ways to help to keep that joint from freezing up while the tendons heal. the best thing i used was called a CPM chair that moves that joint without ANY actual tendon movement. and at home excercises to do just to help ease into the more fuller/in depth PT that will follow. please let me know if you have that MRI, or simply get one. it really will reveal alot as far as what I would know to help you both in the very best ways. hope all goes well with the both of you. **
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