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Re: Thin/flat stool, black bits in stools, black water with the stool, etc

Originally Posted by solofelix View Post
Your symptoms sound just like IBS, I have it myself. Ribbon-Like thin stools are typical of this.
Gas and a sense of movement in the intestines is also typical as is alternating bowel movements eg, Diareah/Constipation.
Unfortunately there is not much help for IBS apart from antispasmodic pain relief. I manage mine quite well with watching my diet. You will find many diets for IBS online.
You are doing right in seeing your Dr as IBS should be diagnosed by a Dr when all other tests prove ok,

is that black water in the toilet and black bits in stool part of ibs too? ive been reading alot and i highly doubt, but then again cancer feature is stated consistent black stools, which i dont have, where is that black water from then?