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Re: Is anyone concerned about the meningitis cases..

Hello backem,

I am glad you posted this. I almost posted something myself on Wednesday evening when the story first broke. I had an injection that morning in Indianapolis, IN. I was nearly frozen in my tracks as I heard it on the evening news.

Many states have received this medication. Indiana is one of them and the hospitals or pain centers that actually used the medication have been identified. For anyone who is concerned or not sure, I would highly recommend calling your provider and asking the question!!

I called. I was not the first caller and I was assured that my hospital in Indianapolis has not used this medication and does not use this compound for injections. Today they have a notice posted on their website to reassure patients who have received recent injections and even noted the provider of their steriod injection medications.

If you are concerned, call your provider and ask. You have a right to this information.

I hope you are feeling relief. I felt much better yesterday but not so good today. I know it can fluctuate during the first week, so I'm staying positive. I've been through this several times and I often go up and down over the first few days.