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Re: Depression?

Originally Posted by no34evr View Post
hi there again, are you saying you feel pressure to get the good grades to do the volunteering, etc?

I was wondering if you didn't do the volunteering what would you do with your time? is there something else you'd rather do? are you planning on going to college once you graduate? there is a lot of pressure on folks these days especially in school.

You know, I don't know how you feel about it, but maybe you could speak with someone at the school if you don't feel like talking w/ your parents. They most certainly know more than we do about this stuff.

Let me know what you decide,k? at least you're asking questions. some folks don't. that's what this board is for. (((HUG)))) Cathy
Hello. Yeah And it's really stupid because most of the pressure comes from myself and I don't know how to deal with it.

I'd probably have more time to rest and recuperate and spend time with friends? I don't mind doing volunteering but on top of which I have projects and school work and event planning and club activities and... Yeah I plan to go to college or rather it's expected of me to go to college

I'm just afraid that the people in school may contact my parents or my teachers and I just don't want people to worry y'know? They've done so much and all I am is being a burden.

Thank you so much once again. It took me a year just to get myself to register for this board and I'm so glad.