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Re: Question -First time taking Armour Thyroid

Hi Lisa: Thanks for your helpful response. I actually feel better today - third day - not tired, and I need fewer bathroom breaks. I'm thinking that the level of Levoxyl in my blood is slowly going down and the Armour medication is taking over. I think that's what you mean by titration? Before my doctor's appointment, I asked for the free T 3 and 4 tests, I did not take my usual dose of 150 mgs of Levoxyl before the labs and my levels were midrange. But I wasn't feeling good and knew I shouldn't take a higher dose of Levoxyl since my TSH is less than 1. I looked up other possible medications and decided that Armour seemed a good solution based on the volume of comments from users. My doctor after a bit of discussion (she wasn't convinced) agreed to look up dosage that approximated my Levoxyl dosage. The pharmacist calculated the transfer from grams to mgs so hopefully it's correct - the bottle says 30 mgs not mcgs. My next appointment is in 8 weeks - my doctor is researching the use of Armour. Is there any research or information I can send her? She's a board certified internist, European, and is always very thorough. She has proven to be a very good doctor for me. Again thank you - just by responding you've made me feel more secure about trying this - that feeling of total exhaustion after my usual walk was so frightening. Daphne

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