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Re: foot drop?

I can sure understand about the swelling and shoes too big for the other foot. Been through the same thing from the hip surgery. Stayed in a compression stocking for about five months! Hated the thing. Finally my swelling is down to a minimum. In the beginning I actually bought a cheap pair of tennis shoes that were mismatched and on sale. Believe it or not they were two different sizes and worked perfect for my messed up foot problem. I also understand the costly shoes, same here with my Saucony brand, but have found them cheaper guessed it, Ebay.

Love the ace bandage invention. It makes me think a bit about my ankle brace, with the second piece fitting under the shoe lace. Apparently the more help a person needs, they position the strap piece lower into the shoe laces. As a person steps, it lifts the forefoot. Oh me, bet you were barefoot a great deal, always in sandals. Putting on a lace up shoe is tiresome and time consuming!

Same here. I've been on an Anthem Blue Cross Advantage plan for a couple years now. It is a Regional PPO. Hah, thanks to obama wanting help funding obamacare, my plan has now been dropped! I am sick! It has also hit folks in Ohio and another state or two I can't recall. Now I've got to start over. I pray it doesn't happen in your area. Hey, as you say, "not your problem". Get all you can from the therapy outfit, their help is invaluable.

My nerve damage is also from the back, where the nerves come out from the spine, best I can figure. That's why if the nerve is ever going to heal at it's slow process, it will take a year or more. Doctors have told me there is nothing they can do to heal a nerve, the nerve has to heal itself......if it will. That's hugely upsetting about the chiro, oh dang! I've thought about trying one, but it's costly and not sure it would help in my case.

My nerve pill is huge as well. Mine can be broke in half, which is helpful at times. Please let me know if you can get more Lortab, they are extremely helpful to me except for the wretched side-effect of constipation. At the time of my hip surgery, I was taking 10 mg every four hours.....even that was not enough for all my pain. My foot would have spasms, and shooting pain out the nails! Thank goodness things are slowly better in the nerve pain department. The hip surgery did help a great deal; except for the drop foot insanity!