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Cousins wedding tomorrow & bleeding terrible! HELP!

Hi everyone. I need your help! I started using Beyaz to control my bleeding from fibroids in June, my periods were still to heavy and long so last month my doctor told me to stop taking the placebo pills and only use the active pills, I did this and even thought I was still bleeding rather heavy it was nothing like my past periods BUT a few days ago I got extremely bad again. I have been having huge numerous clots at a time and bleeding horrible. I only got 2 hours of sleep and even then woke up with a huge leak that went through two overnight pads and my pjs. My question is why am I getting so bad? Is it because my body could not handle the hormones? I also saw something online that said fibroids can sometimes rapture causing hemorrhaging, pain and heavy bleeding. The worst part of this is I have a wedding tomorrow, yes that's right a cousins wedding I have NO idea what to do. I called my doctor but she isn't there today so I talked to a nurse and she basically just said wait it and out and the doctor will be calling you on Monday. If anyone has any advice please post! How can I go to a wedding tomorrow when I'm in the bathroom passing huge clots every 10 minuets . Are there any products I can try for heavy bleeding? I have overnight pads as well as Tena pads and even using two at a time doesn't work. HELP!!!

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