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Re: Bad breath... why me?

Hi Gugulimo,

thank you for your advise. I definitely try that sesame seed tonight. I'm gonna look it today in the market. I have cumin seed and ground here but i guess it was already expired last year i don't know if i can still use it. Am i going to use cumin like sesame procedure, swallowing it before sleep? i don't have any allergy for that, sesame is my favorite seeds lol. I drink a lot of water all the time, i eat onions a lot in my dish, garlic not really but i remember i swallowed cloves of garlic before i was young. I drink 100% pure green tea like a year, it didn't stop my bb. I seldom drink milk, i noticed milk made it worse.
Why some people even they don't tooth brush for a week their breath was not stinks at all, compare to me, i brush my teeth really good 2-3 times/day w/ mouthwash. After few hours my bb went back when i ate something. If too long i didn't eat, will start also smelly again lol. My greatest happiness i guess in my entire life when my bb is gone.
Oh by the way, i have read one of the article in here about baby shampoo, i will try that too. I have to complete everything needed to use so i can start it. I will update you all guys. This is the right time to take action. I cannot stand it anymore.

Keep on posting, and gather more info.... thanks a lot!