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Hsv 1 genitally

I was recently (within the last year) diagnosed with hsv1 genitally from an ex/gf who failed to disclose to me she had it. I never want to be that person who doesn't disclose before sex. As I want the person to be able to get the proper info. and decide if the risk is worth it for them.
Here is my dilema. I recently met a nice girl who I like a lot. We have been talking through email and real life for a few months now. Recently we have decided to be exclusive (have not had sex yet, only have made out). My question is have I waited to long to disclose? I had no intentions on waiting so long to tell but she lives in another city so we don't get to see each other too often and the times she's come to visit just didn't seem right and I felt that I wanted to tell in person not through email or text. Has anyone had this experience before where they waited until after dating someone exclusively to tell? if so, what happened. I feel so nervous about this that I almost want to break it off using another excuse but feel she deserves to know the truth. Also, I've never disclosed to someone before? Any advice on that?


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