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Restless Leg Syndrome Study

I'm actually participating in a study on RLS that is being done at a local research clinic. A medication is being tested in lower doses for the treatment of RLS. I've been given three bottles of tablets and am to take one from each before bedtime. At least one is suppose to be the drug and at least one a placebo, or all three could be a placebo, the doctor and staff don't even know which is which. Began taking them two nights ago and it is effective and helps me to sleep better as well, but the most amazing thing is an elevated mood when I get out of bed in the morning, I've been very gloomy in the mornings as of late, but none since taking these tablets. The drug in question is Gabapentin which I understand is actually used by mental patients, but also for RLS; so maybe it has mood elevating properties?

Oh, and I get paid 50 dollars for every appointment.

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