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Re: Caregiver Woes

And then there's this: today the "questionable" caregiver was off (a planned absence), and they sent a sub; one they thought would be even better, as she's an LPN with 30 years' experience. Well, I got a call in the middle of the afternoon, and it was this much-lauded caregiver with not a clue how to handle Mom, who was quite hysterical. If nothing else, at least she's USED to this other girl... So maybe she's right; she's "okay."

Or the lesser of two evils, anyway!

"continues to talk funny" Honestly, I don't think young girls today can talk any other way; does anyone know what I'm talking about? That kind of strangled, "little girl" voice that lilts up at the end of sentences? Like they're questions? It is so annoying, yet I hear it everywhere! The Valley Girl Voice.

Maybe it doesn't Mom as much as it bothers me...

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