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Re: Knee replacement with epidural or spinal what was it like?

I feel 'as usual' in myself. I also was nervous...terrified would perhaps be more honest as from having nil ill health in my life this is the third major surgery in 5 years and I am over it!! I am 100% lucky though as I have had no pain other than when I exercise for the greater range of movement and that is easily bearable. I had 90 degrees immediately so it is a case of improving on that. I am walking without aid, staples came out yesterday and I am working hard on strength as not driving is hard as we live in the 'sticks' and my husband does not drive any more. I am obviously wary and mindful so will take it gently but becoming more confident every day.There were powered boots that vibrated under the soles of the feet for the first couple of days to guard against blood clots - along with the usual stockings. [light rubber gloves brilliant for getting these on and off] With your reaction to anaesthetic I think that the spinal/sedation would be ideal but when it's over you won't know yourself.