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Trying to wean symbicort for cough variant asthma

I have a probable diagnosis of cough variant asthma and have been on symbicort for a year and a half. What are other's experience with weaning off (or at least down on) symbicort?

I have always been prone to prolonged cough after I get a cold. Before last year I had been treated once with Flovent for cough but had been fine for several years. I have allergies and take reactine and nasonex year round. Last year, I caught a cold during the worst of allergy season and ended up with a terrible cough. It was worse at night and would get so bad I would throw up. I've had this cough before and it is usually triggered by a viral illness. The cough was really harsh and would not settle so I convinced an after hours doc to start me on Flovent (which he wasn't convinced I needed). Usually when I get a cough it will last for weeks, but once it settles I won't have problems for a long time. After a month on Flovent my symptoms improved but I was still using ventolin almost daily. My doctor then put me on symbicort 200/6 2 puffs twice daily. I had PFTs done once my symptoms settled and they were normal. I haven't had a methacholine challenge so don't know for sure that this is asthma.

My problem is that I can't wean myself off the symbicort. I've tried going to one puff twice daily but always start coughing again. I'm surprised I can't get off the inhalers a I have always been fine between episodes before. I don't know if I just got used to feeling a bit tight and now that I know what it's like to not have the feeling I have no tolerance for feeling tight. I did notice that exercise was easier after starting the inhaler and even noticed that I had longer breaths during yoga. What is the experience of others with CVA?

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