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Re: Full Supraspinatus Tendon Tear Help

Thank you for your reply. I will first answer your question about my supra tendon repair. I actually had two. The first one was about 5 years ago and now that I am thinking it was a full supra tear along with another partial tear is another area, but can't remember what it was since it was that long ago and it was in another state. Anyway I can't remember if they did a follow up MRI or not, but the most recent one was 2 years ago and a partial supra tear with a partial clavicle removal because of repeated bone spurs and they did a follow up MRI of that shoulder which showed everything was fine but also had to unfreeze my shoulder since it froze(long story but the 2nd surgery was work comp related). I just had an MRI on the shoulder once again last week and the MRI showed mild tendonitis of the shoulder. I am getting sharp pain here and there and they just come whenever and go away. Even with 6 months of therapy i don't have much strength. Really not sure what else I can do for it. I have been told that when I am old enough(only 34 now) I may need to have the shoulder replaced. I am now dealing with a full bicep tear in my other shoulder, which I am trying to learn about and just had my labrum repaired on that shoulder 9 months ago, so if you know anything about full bicep tears I will listen lol.

As for my GF she is gonna see the same ortho that repaired my labrum. He is a great surgeon. I have asked him lots of question before my last surgery and he answered them all and showed me pics when he opened my shoulder up, pics of what he did while fixing it, and pics of after it was done. He has been doing it for 15 years or so and is very good. I figured with a full tear she would need the surgery to repair the supra but I could not remember how long you have to be in a sling for that and everything that comes with it.