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Unhappy Thinks her mental health "Doctor" is trying to kill her

Ok so i know you are reading the title of my post and you must be thinking....What????
well here is why i think this is true "doctor" recently prescribed me Lithium knowing full well that my Primary Care Doc diagnosed me with pre hypertension and ordered me to eat a low sodium diet i've never wanted to take Lithium but she pressured me into it ( still never started it after reading the side affects and precautions) since i became allergic to Lamictal ...... but anyway after reading several websites including ***** ect.... and reading the same precautions on not taking the Lithium ( precautions include " DO NOT TAKE IF ON LOW SODIUM DIET" and " DO NOT TAKE IF YOU HAVE PSORIASIS" or however it's spelled LOL ...which i have that on the back of my scalp) I've come to the conclusion that she is trying to cause me to have Lithium poisoning i've cancelled my next appointment with her and i'm currently seeking a new psychiatrist (especially after finding out that the "Doctor" was not actually a psychiatrist but just an ordinary Nurse practitioner) Does anyone have any suggestions that i could talk to my new doctor about ( once i obtain one) about possible bipolar treatments ( not including Depakote either ..makes my hair fall out) bc seriously i'm so moody right now that i'm afraid i'll seriously flip out on my fiance And Jimmy has been nothing but supportive and he does not deserve for me to go off on him especially if its for no reason ........Taking suggestions And Thanks in advance

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