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I really miss my dad

so, when i was 5, my mom and dad got a divorce. at that time, i lived in Rhode Island. I have moved 3 times since :/ now i live in Maryland and i hardly ever see him. i have been crying for the past maybe 3 or 4 hours because sometimes i just start to really, really miss him. So then, i started looking at his ******** pics, listening to his music (he's a musician) watching videos of him, all so that i could just see his face for the first time in 5 months. I always think about asking my mom if i could move in with him but I'm scared to. whenever i talk about him with my brother, she gets REALLY MAD and starts yelling at us... and that's not pretty...I cant keep up with him because i don't have a phone of my own and he never goes on ******** when i message him... and im scared to ask my mom to call him. i currently still am crying and I just want to know what i can do in any way. please reply!!! :'(

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