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Cool Re: Bad breath... why me?

Hi there unhappyone (now you have to start being the happy one slowly...j/k) :-)

With cumin seeds (or any seeds actually), if expired, DO NOT USE. Cumin seeds are for the day time. Just munch 5-6 seeds now and then during the day time. These are good for the stomach digestion too and there really is no limit to how many times you can take these. People sometimes habitually munch a few immediately after meals. I've seen this when I was visiting India recently. Nice aroma. Don't eat like lots and lots (I mean like half a pack a day or something)....not that I think it'll do any harm but it is not needed. Just munch a few now and then during DAY TIME. Do NOT munch these before you sleep at night, you'd want the sesame to be alone doing its thing.

Before sleeping only the Sesame seeds. Nothing else. Cumin seeds sometimes come as coated tiny balls of sweets...quite colorful and in the middle of the sweet you get the cumin seed. It is tasty but then the sugar also becomes an intake when you take those.

Do let me know how it goes. Have you tried the Candid Mouth Paint? It is very mild and if you gargle, it gets rid of any hanging about fungi in the throat....I didn't even know I had that until I showed it to an ENT. The Mouth Paint helped and also it helps with the breath. Might be prescriptive though...pharmacist should know.

Good luck! Keep us posted :-)

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