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Re: Ambien vs Nature Made Sleep

I've used sleep aids purchased at health foods stores, and then tried sleeping not taking anything (basically to save money) and I find that I do not have the low grade mild depression when I wake up, as I did when I was taking the "natural" sleep aids. It took me about a week to get used to not taking anything at night. Although the natural sleep aids did work fairly well, taking them did not ensure that I would get a great night's sleep. You could taper off the Ambien and then if you wish take a placebo, which would give you the feeling that you are taking something. In addition, I've read that melotonin can interfere with serotion levels, and, in turn, can cause mild depression in certain individuals. My personal feeling is that anything taken that can put a person in a deep sleep will have a rebound effect with their mood; (i.e. depression).