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Depersonalisation & depression caused by inner ear problem

I went to an ENT appointment last week after suffering from 24/7 dizziness and vertigo following a sinus infection. He just said I'd had a virus (didn't give it a name) and seemed to be on the mend, so I should push myself to do things.

I seem to be over the worst of the vertigo symptoms - I couldn't even walk when it first started, as I felt like I would pass out. Now I'm at the stage where walking is uncomfortable, but manageable. Shops, turning corners and doing complicated tasks cause extra dizziness. I'm tired all the time. But it's much better than it was.

What hasn't gone is the depersonalisation, feeling like I'm going through the motions, not in the same world as everyone else, in a dream, not really me.

Over the past week, this has caused severe depression. Let me explain that.
It's not like I am down, upset or anxious. I have come to terms with being ill and am doing all I can to make it go away quickly, but otherwise I'm just accepting it as it is and trying to be patient.

I think the depression is actually being caused by the physical symptoms. I think my screwy physical perception and disconnectedness is what is causing the depression. Of course that causes a low, flat mood, disinterest in things, fatigue, everything is too much effort - but I'm not massively unhappy because of my circumstances, if that makes sense.

Anyone had this? What did you do? I feel like there is nothing I can do to alleviate my depression, because it is being caused by my symptoms, not my state of mind. I don't feel like I'm myself at all - I'm usually very positive and upbeat. I can't even bring myself to smile at the moment.

I'm having an MRI in a month and a follow-up ENT appointment a month after that. Any ideas to help me until then?


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