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Re: Bad breath... why me?

Hi Gugulimu,

how are you doing. Finally, i think this is the start now of feeling better. Last night, i feel so fresh with my mouth by cleaning it with baking soda, peroxide & water. And brush my teeth really clean as usual, but i did not use mouthwash. This baking soda, makes your teeth white too, based on researched study. Then, followed the sesame w/c is rich in natural oil good for digestion and best anti-oxidant, i chew it first i forgot, it supposed to be swallowing it, so get another spoon to swallowed it.
Wow, it did good, i can feel lighter and don't smell any from my breath. But my tummy keep on bloating this morning after i woke up. I ate my breakfast, fried eggs w/o garlic & onions anymore, i just added salt and cumin instead. Rice and chicken chunk white. Then carrot shakes. I have severe over eating in morning and night, cuz sometimes i skip my lunch. I feel so good today. I will used that shampoo after awhile and going outside find someone to talk if its effective that my bb is gone.
This site is very helpful, i never been really look up online before cuz im so shy to accept the fact that i have a bb. I cannot even utter that two words in my husband. But he did not smell it anyway except i ate too much onions, lol. I don't even know what is the smell of my breath? is it really too bad? i tried that licking on my arms and dry, no smell and even spit in the glass. it's weird. I can smell every one's breath, either good or bad. Anyway, i hope this days my bb gone entirely.

Hi Larry: I hope you can find a good cure for u too. I will update the result after a few days here in my thread. The title you are suggesting to change has already used in some article. You can make a new post also in your own so we can gather more info. Thanks and may you have a good day!

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