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Re: Hypothyroid medication help

Hi, this is my first post so I hope this is ok.

The T3 drug available in Australia is called Cytomel (Liothyronine). I have been taking Cytomel for 2 months along with 75 mcg Thyroxine. Although I am not at optimum yet I am feeling much better.

My original dosage was 100 mcg Thyroxine only, I did not feel well and my t3 was 4.3. The doctor said my TSH of 0.7 and T4 of 18 was fine, but I did not feel well. I went to another doctor who reduced the Thyroxine to 50 mcg and added Cymotel 20 mcg. After 6 weeks I still didn't feel right, my T3 levels had not increased so the thyroxine was increased to 75 mcg. At first I always feel good when my dosage is increased but then slip back a bit after a few weeks. I have also started a gluten free diet and am finding that helpful, I am not so tired in the afternoons which is a bonus.

I hope you feel better soon, sometimes you just need a good doctor who will listen to you and who knows about thyroid conditions.