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Re: I messed up and not sure what to do?

Hi Iowa, You asked about nerve deadening procedures and there are procedures that they can do, some are short term like nerve blocks and some last longer like Nerve ablation procedures, Their are two way to destroy the nerves, chemical or radio frequency ablation. More than likely a PM doc would start with blocks and see how you benefit before considering an ablation procedure. Back in the early 70's they would actually cut the nerves but learned quickly nerve tissue can grow back and the pain that returns can often be much worse, so they simply dont cut nerves anymore. Even the ablation procedures have to be repeated every 6 months to a year. Blocks generally offer a couple weeks to a couple months relief. Their are lots of other meds that Ilovemycutedog mentioned and meds would certainly be the first step before doing anything terrribly invasive and nerve blocks and ablation procedures aren't generally fun and can increase pain before they start working to decrease the discomfort.
Methadone does have properties that make it more effective on nerve pain than other meds, but their are also other meds that reproduce the effect meth has like Nemanda, it's alss a potent NMDA receptor blocking agent. If you get your meth through a meth clinic you will be red flagged once again as meth programs are state funded and patients/addicts tracked. A meth clinic is only for the treatment of addiction, patients aren't trusted with more than a weekend supply even when going for years and you have to earn that trust to get a weekend supply. Meth is also prescribed very differently to treat pain rather than the once a day withdrawal prevention method used at meth clinics. Their are PM docs that will prescribe methadone but your in a tough position having been dumped by your last 2 treating docs. If you add a history of addiction by seeking treatment through a meth clinic it will make it even tougher to get back into the PM world once labaled and treated for opiate addiction. If you dont like being dependent on the meds imagine having to plan ever day of your life around that trip to the meth clinic. I would suggest looking for another PM doc to try some of the alternatives mentioned by everyone. Your GP isn't trained to do any of the actual procedures and really isn't trained to treat chronic pain so you need a true PM doc, more than likely an anesthesiologist if you thinking about nerve blocks or ablation procedures.

Good luck, Dave

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