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Re: Caregiver Woes

Back in 2009, we decided to hire some male caregiver to help my late FIL out and stay overnight to watch him. The first day the man walked toward the house, my late FIL sensed it and right away he was so mad at it. He was mad because he thought he was not that sick and why need a man to take care of him? He just wanted lady caregivers whom he can chase after. No male as it hurt his ego! He was so mad and argued with my husband outside (they all happened to be outside at the front in the day) and inside.
However, one trick you should know is, my late FIL was afraid that we abandonned him or got mad at him forever as well. He was worried that my husband would not like him anymore. So he changed his mind and kissed my husband's arm to make it up. He still thought he needed no guys but he was willing to back out for peace. This always played out over the whole journey. He got mad and yet he wanted your attention so he backed down.
It took him one month to get used to this guy and later on he grew to like him and he was like a good friend to this male caregiver.

The funny thing is the demented person still wants your care so he would not get mad for too long. Even after he wanted to hit this lady caregiver, he went back to her afterwards to ask for peace. No he didn't admit he was wrong. He just wanted peace and wanted people to continue to care for him. Don't be afraid if they get mad. It will pass. It works especially if she or he thinks there is no one else. If there is a choice, she may throw you out. In general, they are like small kids and want people to care for them.


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