Thread: Could it be RA?
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Re: Could it be RA?

I honestly don't know much about clinic. I heard some experiences from people, they are very different. Some people feel it's OK, some feel they just a number and they can't see same Dr all the time they come.
If this is a case, it's not for me. I need my DR who I see all the time, who knows my problems, who I feel comfortable to discuss whatever bothers me. And of course, I wouldn't spend my time and money on a dr who doesn't listen and rushes to see another patient before I finish talking.

Like I said before, I saw 3 RA doctors in my state, find their names in "good doctors of America", have many offices, etc. Set myself for disappointment and nothing more. I was crying in a car, was so disappointed.
But I dont give up this easy, I knew in my heart I need more time searching. I believed that I will find a good and carrying Dr anyway.
So I did and can't be happier since. She is a very busy RA Dr, but she will stay with you in a room as long as you need. Every appointment - physical evaluation. If she sees my joints still swollen, even if I say I feel better on the drug I am on, she says it not working for me and we must switch. Every app I have to fill out a form where I must evaluate my pain since last app; how high was the fever and for how long; what I can do and what I can't since my last app and so on.
She keeps it in my file, to compare to my next app when I come to see her.
Nobody ever told me that even if your blood work is fine, just based on obvious symptoms you still may have RA. Nobody before told me that damages to my lungs and heart due to RA, they treated and tested to no end, diagnosing me with some crazy stuff. When she read scan reports, she immediately said, you got advanced RA with "RA lung and heart".
Just because they wear white coat and finished medical schools, doesn't mean they are good and knowledgeable doctors. Do you homework, search as much as needed, don't set yourself for disappointments if you know something is wrong.
When I hear doctors tell their patients that all problems are in patients head, it makes me very upset. I agree that some patients may have problems in their heads, but you are the Dr and you shouldn't tell patients who have real problems that they have nothing, but "head issues". To me this means this Dr is terrible one, he goes the easiest way: blames the victim, not knowing how to help him.

Best wishes to you