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So . . desperate enough to schedule sinus surgery

I have terrible allergies and have since I was very young. I've had a most difficult year with being unable to control them (I guess I'm not alone in that one). Repeat sinus infections - which, though I continue to work and take care of my son (house and two dogs) - are very debilitating.

I'm sure everyone here knows the drill -headache, facial pain, extreme fatigue; brain fog; all of which bring out my cranky side.

Long story short - I stopped taking allergy shots two years ago when I moved. Finally made an appointment with an ENT here and had a CT Scan. He stated I have some chronic infection in my ethmoid sinus, some chronic inflammation, a bone spur, and deviated septum.

My daily regimen is: allegra 180; sudafed; Mucinex; Flonase, and have just started round two of antibiotics.

I'm scared of the surgery; but my friends that have had it all felt better. I will still have serious allergies to deal with though .. . I can't stand the thought of having splints stuck up my nose for days but keep telling myself maybe it will be worth it. Ugh. Currently feels like I have sludge moving through my nose, face and through.

Thanks for letting me vent. No one believes how bad allergies/sinus can really make you feel.

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