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Re: PTTD surgery tomorrow

I'm here and doing ok. Turns out I wasn't thinking about the location of my computer after surgery. We have two cats. One likes to stalk the other cat because she is very territorial and doesn't want the other cat to have any of her stuff, food, people, spots in the sun etc. So we have a baby gate set up to keep them separated since the territorial one only has three legs and can't jump. What must that do to your self esteem to get your tail kicked by a three legged cat?

At any rate I completely forgot about said baby gate and the fact that my computer is behind the gate. Turns out it's pretty effective at keeping me out as well. With some creative crutch movement and a little sweating I figured out how to get over the blasted gate so here I am!

Surgery was not first in and first out like I thought. We got there at 7 am and just as I was about to start really start to freak out a very dear friend of mine walked in the door. She came by to sit with me before I had to go back for surgery. Having had many surgeries herself she knew all about the freaking out waiting to be called back. She made me laugh and not think about it. Love her.

We were called back and I got my IV put in by a student nurse. At first my reaction was "um... no" but then I remembered my little sister just finished Nursing School and she had to practice on someone. The student nurse kept jiggling the needle around so I not only have a fabulous bruise but it seems that a good bit of the saline made it to my forearm because after the surgery it was all swollen and pretty ouchy.

Then the guy with the crutches came in and made me take several steps to make sure I knew what I was doing. I was only using my right hand half way and he kept telling me that I could use my hand with the IV because it was only a plastic needle. Yeah, we'll try that reasoning when it is your hand bucko.

I finally asked my husband to go get the anesthesiologist to give me some "I don't care" in my IV. Once that was in my IV and they hooked me up to this absolutely wonderful air blanket thingee I was feeling just fine. I've never seen one of these before but it was like a blanket of bubble wrap that they filled with warm circulating air. Whoever invented that thing deserves the Nobel Peach Prize.

Apparently surgery went well and I came out with this big ole boot thing and covered in Betadine which it turns out I have an allergy to (nice huh?) and we went home. The first few days were particularly painful and I wasn't able to move my ankle at all using my leg. Instead I would have to pick up my cast and move my ankle that way. If the wound area bumped against the cast I would just about see stars. I knew that this was going to be painful but it was seriously a lot of pain. My hubby kept me fairly drugged (bless him) but it was still a really not fun couple of days. Between the pain meds and the Phenegren oh and the Benedryl I was pretty much asleep most of the time. So that was nice.

I tried (like a fool) to go back to work on Thursday. Made it about an hour and a half before I called uncle and a friend took me to her house to lay down before my doctors appointment. You seriously know who your friends are when you have surgery like this and I am so thankful and grateful that I have good friends. While I was asleep on the couch they organized a plan to get me to the doctors and then get me back home with two back up plans just in case.

My doctor said that my ankle looks really good. He even looked to confirm when we did the surgery because it looks like it has healed so well. If I cut my hand it takes forever to heal. Slice me open with a scalpel and I guess I heal right up. My ankle was so swollen around the stitches that it looked translucent. Plus with the bruising and the stitches I looked like something on a Halloween costume. Is this really my ankle?

Once all of the rest of the betadine was off my skin and I had a new cast on I felt much better. When I got into the cast room I started tearing off the cast first thing. They had already sliced it in half and just had an ace bandage on it after the surgery so not that hard. My doctor's coordinator looked at me with half a cast on, laughed and said he would expect no less of me.

So right now I've got a new much smaller cast, bruises on both hands from the crutches, gained about 5+ pounds because I'm eating all the stuff my husband eats without going for a 45 mile bicycle ride on Sundays, a new appreciation for stairs and a raging desire to just go sit in the shower for a day or so. Bucket bathing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

One question I have for the group is how long until you could put your leg down all the way. As soon as the blood starts to rush down to my ankle it hurts like the dickens. I'm trying to increase the time I can keep my leg down each time but it just hurts so much.

Yes, I know I am rambling on so I'm sorry about that but I've pretty much been stuck in a house with two cats and a TV for company for over a week.