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Re: Elevation questions post PTTD surgery

Originally Posted by tenderfoot View Post
Did you need someone there to help you or were you ok, alone after surgery that first week?.....curious & anxious......bonnie
I'm coming to this thread sort of late but wanted to respond anyway. You will definitely need help the first week or so. If for no other reason than your medication. You will need someone to help you keep track of when you took what. Plus getting you food. You won't be able to carry anything with crutches. I can get around fairly well but we have a two story house and although I could scootch up the stairs I couldn't get upright once I got up there. If I didn't have my hubby here I would have had a much harder time of it.

One thing that has helped me is to get a bag that will go over my shoulder and I can put everything I need in there. It helps a lot with the crutches keeping both hands full. But this is more for after you've been out of surgery for over a week and are a tiny bit more mobile.

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