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Re: Cousins wedding tomorrow & bleeding terrible! HELP!

Originally Posted by Kszan View Post
I don't think you should be going to the wedding at all, you need to go to the ER! The same thing happened to me only I almost bled to death from my fibroid. I ended up needing 6 blood transfusions and emergency open surgery to remove the damn thing because it was making me bleed to death. It all started just like yours with major clots that wouldn't stop. All the sudden after a few days I got majorly weak and couldn't hardly breathe and almost passed out walking from the living room to the bathroom. You should not be going to a wedding at all and you shouldn't be wasting your time trying to call your doctor because they would just tell you to go to the ER anyway. You need to get a blood test to check your blood count because that is the kind of heavy prolonged bleeding that makes it drop fast without you realizing it and you don't want to end up like I did almost bleeding to death. I had post traumatic stress from the experience.
Thank you for your help. I decided to stay home I have stopped passing clots and am not bleeding too bad at all but I feel very weak. I am on Iron pills twice a day and have been since last Oct. I can't imagine how I'd feel without them!
Kszan can you please tell me which surgery you have to remove the fibroids? My doctor said Uterine Fibroid Embolization may be my best choice.
Any info or suggestions would be helpful! My doctor keeps saying to keep trying different birth controls forums but I don't know how much longer I can handle this!