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Re: Fibromyalgia and more -- is this it for the rest of my life

Originally Posted by dfwmom View Post

"Telling your doctor that if he won't prescribe long term opiates, that you will take forty tylenols a day, is basically blackmail. It is a pattern of behavior that is common with bipolar. A doctor is not going to be influenced by manipulative patient behavior." .
I do not believe she is trying to blackmail her doctor, it is just simple truth. What do they expect? For us just to be in pain all the time, it gets so bad you cant even function, what kind of life is that? IF it helps it helps period. I do not understand why there is such a hubbub about it. Most people with chronic pain are given narcotics long term. It is just not approved for Fibromyalgia long term. I take Norcos, I have a set amount i take in a set pattern and I will not go above that. If i let my pain get out of control nothing will help it. I have tried not taking any pain pills but learned my lesson with that and suffered for it. They do not make me feel high at all, i do not want a pill that makes me feel high or i would just smoke weed. I do not want that. If these doctors or healthcare coverers or FDA people had to deal with this everyday, day in day out they may reconsider this.

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