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Re: Pleaseeee help. im at the end of my rope :(

Originally Posted by Worrybucket View Post
Ive done a lactose free diet for past two weeks to see if it IS the lactose thats making my digestive problems unbearable.

I think it's been slightly better. The wind and passing of wind (sorry) have been pretty much the same, but waking with the tummy ache has got a lot better.

So this weekend i went away with Hubby for his birthday and thought i am going to have some dairy as its so boring and difficult without it.

I had a cream tea with clotted cream yesterday afternoon, and within 2 hours i had wind bubbling in my tummy, with gripy pains and a lot of passing of wind too.

So today i woke at hotel and avoided dairy once more and had a cooked breakfast without dairy. I was ok. Then i came home, went shopping and had my usual soya starbucks hot choc which is totally free of dairy, AND i decided to have a couple of biscuits ( dairy). one hour later it started again, cramps, like a massive painful bubble going through my intestines, gas, pain, horrible. the pain came in waves and hurt so much at one point i was sweating. I went and empytied my bowels which helped short term, then ate some pasta with a tiny bit of parmesan cheese, and hour later it started again. I just emptyied my bowels again and it was loose not quite diarroreah but almost (sorry for graphics). Again its eased slightly. I dont know if its dairy or ANY food consumption. The pain has been awful this afternoon. I'm scared when it starts that i wont be able to tolerate the wind /gas pain and have to go to hospital.

I am seriously at the end of my rope with this. I THINK it could be dairy related, i think i will again tomorrow start a lactose free diet maybe for a while longer and see again if things ease up.

My Gastro Doc is rubbish, they have no idea and i only see him once every 6 mths. Ive had an endo and all is ok except a small hiatus hernia which gives me heartburn. But this pain from the wind pain in my stomach is unbearable when it comes. What shall i do , please help, i dont know where to go with this anymore. My GP says stick with the lactose free diet until my recent blood tests to see if im intolerant comes back, so i guess i'll do that.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has lactose intolerance or suffers the same as me.

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